Continuously improve ourselves since 1948

Since OSADATEA founded in 1948, we had built a solid trust relationship with many of our local tea producer. We continuously keeping challenge in order to make our customers happiness and promote this beautiful green tea field and history.

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Company Name :
Osada Seicha Co., Ltd.
Founded :
Established :
Head Office :
1146-1 Morimachi-mori,
Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka
437-0215 Japan
Retail Store :
1522-1 Morimachi-mori,
Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka
437-0215 Japan


Hello, I am 2nd generation of OSADATEA Company, Tatsumi Osada. We have grown the company from the pursuit of healthy and safety. I promise to deliver delicious OSADATEA with my mission to keeping customers' trust in the future. We are working on our daily work as a mission to deliver delicious, safe and healthy tea to our important customers. Please enjoy our OSADATEA products line up!!

Tatsumi Osada


Hi. I am Natsumi Osada. I am Japanese tea instructor and also champion of 56th National Tea Tasting Competition. The green tea market is very difficult to let people to find which tea will be making the customer feel delicious. I hope that customers who have not yet seen in overseas will taste OSADATEA. As the largest Japanese tea production area, farmers and we are always working on teams to deliver the highest quality of teas.

Natsumi Osada

Executive Vice President

Hello, my name is Kunihiro Ohba. I am in charge of the process and keeping quality of teas. Organic teas that cultivated in nature are sometimes very individually unique. In order to keep the quality, we need to be well experienced. Although I am still growing as Tea Master, I am trying to make tea that always makes customers happy. I think that no matter how delicious tea is, the philosophy of the producers and the environment of the production area will be very important for customers’ satisfaction.

Kunihiro Ohba

Tea Master

Hi! My name is Kazuki Nakamura. I am doing quality control of final products teas. Indeed, it is seriously responsible that the tea that I have in my hands will be delivered to the customer and also handed to their important customers. I have learned many things related to tea manufacturing. Also, it is very interesting to see how a cup of tea is serving to people. I want to feel confidence to produce even 1 g of tea leaves.

Kazuki Nakamura

Tea Master


OSADA TEA Original Retail Shop

1999 “OSADAEN Honten” opened as OSADATEA retail store selling many unique original tea products. OSADATEA new products have been born from this store where customers’ voices are delivered directly.

Takuma Ito

Tea Adviser

I am Takuma Ito. Thank you for visiting our OSADATEA website. I am always waiting at the retail store. For all the customers who walk in to the store, I will offer my recommended tea and enjoy communicating. I am working with very fun every day with a thoughtful appreciation for being able to stop by our store.

Shop Adviser


Hello, we are shop adviser. We will choose the tea as close as possible for customers’ requests. It is very important to find and recommend right selection. We wish OSADATEA original blended tea will give you relax and peaceful moment everyday in your life. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Natsumi Osada

Our tea masters, including Natsumi Osada, winner of numerous awards, identify the nature of tea leaves using their sharp senseof smell and vision. They also bring out thegoodness of color, aroma and flavor of tea and blend tea leaves to match customers’ demand to make it delicious and high quality.

Osada Tea Master

Tea for the health of your loved one

OSADATEA is located right in the middle of Japan about 130km South West of Mt. Fuji. OSADATEA has over 30 years experience of handling organic green tea to all over the world.

Osada Tea Master

Our promise to produce high-quality tea

OSADATEA is the tea-manufacturing wholesaler located in the town called as “Forest in the Forest Town” (森町)where historically famous for green tea in Japan. Teas from mountainous area harvested by traditional style and process.

Osada Tea Master

Our recommended recipe of green tea

OSADATEA recommended way to brew a delicious Japanese tea. There are several types of Japanese tea such as Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, and Fukamushicha etc…

Osada Tea Master



OSADA Seicha’s organic authentication is certified by “ECOCERT” which certified as equivalent to USA, Canada and EU’s organic authentication.

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