Maintain the techniques of organically cultivated tea.

Takeshi Suzuki

Organic JAS, Industrial Operation Manager

In our village called “ISAGAWA” located near by OSADATEA. ISAGAWA is known as “Organic Village” and leading Japan’s organic tea market. I am not satisfied as being called as “Organic Village”. It is just naturally standard being organic. The important thing is always how much quality we can meet. We do whatever we can do for improve the quality. I believe that tea harvested in this village must be said to be delicious regardless of which one you drink. We will not give up the quality of one tea. Our mission is to make delicious tea by all from ISAGAWA.



Maintain the techniques of organically cultivated tea.

Katsutoshi Isawa

Organic JAS, Rating Manager

When I started making tea as organic at the beginning, it was still rare in Japan over 30 years ago. No one had idea of the certificate of organic. We used to use at least pesticide, but didn’t know what we are arrowed to use. Since then, we stopped to use any type of pesticide. Our organic tea is growing as natural environment. Now in global market, organic became as standard. I will be happy if everyone's inheritance is handed down to the next generation and our tea can contribute to someone's health.



Develop younger generation that inherit the technique and quality.

Yoshiaki Yamamoto


We had image of living as organic life, but couldn’t find any organic village in Japan beside ISAGAWA. We also had experience to living in overseas, and we got really shocked that how slowness of Japanese organic market. Our idea of agriculture is for keeping our next generation to live in happy with natural environment. I am really appreciated that this whole village is considering being organic village. This is the biggest reason that we decided to move in to ISAGAWA. After moved in here, everyone in this village helping and supporting our tea farming. I wish everyone in this village that works together will be happy in this tea industry.



Natsumi Osada

Our tea masters, including Natsumi Osada, winner of numerous awards, identify the nature of tea leaves using their sharp senseof smell and vision. They also bring out thegoodness of color, aroma and flavor of tea and blend tea leaves to match customers’ demand to make it delicious and high quality.

Osada Tea Master

Tea for the health of your loved one

OSADATEA is located right in the middle of Japan about 130km South West of Mt. Fuji. OSADATEA has over 30 years experience of handling organic green tea to all over the world.

Osada Tea Master

Our promise to produce high-quality tea

OSADATEA is the tea-manufacturing wholesaler located in the town called as “Forest in the Forest Town” (森町)where historically famous for green tea in Japan. Teas from mountainous area harvested by traditional style and process.

Osada Tea Master

Our recommended recipe of green tea

OSADATEA recommended way to brew a delicious Japanese tea. There are several types of Japanese tea such as Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, and Fukamushicha etc…

Osada Tea Master



OSADA Seicha’s organic authentication is certified by “ECOCERT” which certified as equivalent to USA, Canada and EU’s organic authentication.

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