Step 1

Let's get ready for tea time!
You will be using tea pod, teacups, hot water, and your favorite tea. If you have any bowl that you can use for cool down the temperature of hot water, it will be great. This is basic tea ware in Japan. Now, you are ready for enjoy the tea party.

Step 2

Using spoon and take 1 to 2 scoop of tea leaves (4~6g) for 2 cups of tea. When you have big group of tea party, you can add more leaves. 3g of tea leaves is good amount of 1 cup of tea.

Step 3

Pour boiled hot water into bowl where you want to cool down the temperature around 80℃. You will adjust the temperature depend on the quality of green tea leaf. For example, OSADATEA Premium Organic Sencha will go with 70℃ and OSADATEA Organic Gyokuro will be best in 50~60℃. More UMAMI in low temperature and more fragrance in high temperature.

Step 4

After you adjust the temperature, you will pour the water into tea pod. This is also very important time for wait until leaf open and green tea sweetness will melt in water. Higher temperature shorter time, lower temperature needs longer time to soak in the water. For OSADATEA Organic Gyokuro will be lefted around 2 minutes.


Step 5

You will pour tea equally for all cups or guests. Please make sure all cups are ready in one place and pour little by little. When you pour into the cup-A to cup-D, you will make turn A-B-C-D-D-C-B-A-A-B-C-D-D-C-B-A. This is the way to pour equally amount and taste every one can enjoy.

Step 6

We call "Golden Drip". This is very important method of getting best green tea taste. "Golden Drip" is final drip from the tea pod. The last drip contains most sweetness and nutrients. Then, after you pour all tea, leave the lid open to cool down the tealeaves. This is the way you can enjoy second and third time with same tealeaves.





Natsumi Osada

Our tea masters, including Natsumi Osada, winner of numerous awards, identify the nature of tea leaves using their sharp senseof smell and vision. They also bring out thegoodness of color, aroma and flavor of tea and blend tea leaves to match customers’ demand to make it delicious and high quality.

Osada Tea Master

Tea for the health of your loved one

OSADATEA is located right in the middle of Japan about 130km South West of Mt. Fuji. OSADATEA has over 30 years experience of handling organic green tea to all over the world.

Osada Tea Master

Our promise to produce high-quality tea

OSADATEA is the tea-manufacturing wholesaler located in the town called as “Forest in the Forest Town” (森町)where historically famous for green tea in Japan. Teas from mountainous area harvested by traditional style and process.

Osada Tea Master

Our recommended recipe of green tea

OSADATEA recommended way to brew a delicious Japanese tea. There are several types of Japanese tea such as Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, and Fukamushicha etc…

Osada Tea Master



OSADA Seicha’s organic authentication is certified by “ECOCERT” which certified as equivalent to USA, Canada and EU’s organic authentication.

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