Aim for tea-making that brings happiness

Contribute to the production area, partner farmers, and customers’ happiness by making tea without any compromise.




Protecting the natural farm environment


OSADATEA organic plantation has not been used any pesticide and chemical fertilizers for over 30 years now. This is our mission to protect natural environment for raise green tea as healthy. Only the healthy tea tree can grow healthy and tasty tea. This natural tea plantation has natural spring water from top of the mountain. We must protect the beautiful water for next generation.

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Harvesting OSADATEA tea leaves


The harvest of tea seems to be a festival where the whole village will be excited. The sounds of machine for harvesting tea will be in the entire village. OSADATEA organic plantation is deep in mountain and the mountain tea does not advance mechanization easily. Our harvesting needs to be skillful as human hands. The mountain area will be covered by fog all over the tree as high quality covered tea and makes delicious tea with deep sweetness.

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OSADATEA organic tea steamed as medium


Tea leaves immediately will be processed after harvested by OSADATEA partner farmers. This is very important to steam to stop fermentation. This process needs to be quick as possible in order to keep freshness of tea leaves. OSADATEA is committed to steaming as medium. The medium steamed and area of mountain is characterized as traditional Japanese green tea. OSADATEA has just right mountain tea taste and atmosphere.

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Original method for every single customers


After finished pre-processed tea called “ARACHA”. ARACHA is brought by directly from partner farmers. OSADATEA is manufacturing and wholesaling high quality organic tea for all over the world. Our concept is directly farm to customer, so we do all final process in our factory. This is the reason that we could build a solid trust relationship with many of our partner farmers and customers as well.

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Skillful expert of exporting all over the world.


OSADATEA has own well skillful international marketer to export directly by communicating in English. Hearing and communicating to understand what customer needs, then find right method to produce original products for every single customers. We promise to answer your needs in a timely manner without any compromise.

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Continually keep challenging to open new era.


Although OSADATEA is one of the historical tea manufacture wholesaler, many customers have been appreciated by our new challenges. We will make every effort to be able to respond to customers’ request flexibly without being satisfied with the current situation. Customers' needs change with the times and generations, but OSADATEA always have universal commitment that must not change.

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Exporting health and beauty is our challenge.


Our biggest challenge is the “YAMABUKI NADESHIKO” that is meaning of Japanese beauty. “YAMABUKI NADESHIKO” is the type of new tea that has natural aroma, great taste, safe and healthy tea. This very unique tea is processed in a sterilized room using one specific fermented starter called “Black Koji Mold” to fermented. The founder name Dr. Denbei Kawamura is also known as the “Father of Shizuoka Yeast”. We believe that this new typed tea will solve problem of obesity.

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Natsumi Osada

Our tea masters, including Natsumi Osada, winner of numerous awards, identify the nature of tea leaves using their sharp senseof smell and vision. They also bring out thegoodness of color, aroma and flavor of tea and blend tea leaves to match customers’ demand to make it delicious and high quality.

Osada Tea Master

Tea for the health of your loved one

OSADATEA is located right in the middle of Japan about 130km South West of Mt. Fuji. OSADATEA has over 30 years experience of handling organic green tea to all over the world.

Osada Tea Master

Our promise to produce high-quality tea

OSADATEA is the tea-manufacturing wholesaler located in the town called as “Forest in the Forest Town” (森町)where historically famous for green tea in Japan. Teas from mountainous area harvested by traditional style and process.

Osada Tea Master

Our recommended recipe of green tea

OSADATEA recommended way to brew a delicious Japanese tea. There are several types of Japanese tea such as Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, and Fukamushicha etc…

Osada Tea Master



OSADA Seicha’s organic authentication is certified by “ECOCERT” which certified as equivalent to USA, Canada and EU’s organic authentication.

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